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Updated: Aug 12 2012

I’m always scouring the web for helpful tips and cool stuff for writers. I got an iPad and I’ll add a section of iPad apps to this page, too. Will update when I can. (I am not affiliated with any of these sites or authors or their products. I make no $$ from this site. I simply enjoy exploring and sharing.)

Tools for Writers

  • Scrivener: Extraordinary, exquisite and elegant writing software for Mac, Windows and Linux. Inexpensive. And worth every penny I paid for it. (Including the price of the Mac I bought so I could run it in its native environment.) Life-changing. Yes, I am serious. Scrivener has transformed the way I pretend to write. Er… NaNoWriMo’s receive a hefty discount when they complete their novels in November. Download the free NaNoWriMo trial edition, use it during NaNo and get half off the purchase price when you complete and validate your word count at the end of November. Screenshot below.
  • yWriter by Simon Haynes, author of the Hal Spacejock series. For Windows only. Free. I used yWriter for years until I finally took the plunge and bought a Mac. Check out his How to Write a Novel posts. Simon does NaNoWriMo too.
  • NaNoWriMo Project Spreadsheets: The designer actually calls this a word count tracker, but it’s much more than that. A beautiful way to keep track of many aspects of your entire project. The included artwork matches NaNoWriMo Wallpapers by the same marvelous artist. Get inspired. And maybe commission her to do a cover or some character art for your novel. She does truly beautiful work.

Download the free NaNoWriMo trial edition of Scrivener, screenshots

Books, eBooks and Sites for Writers

I have more links to add here for specific books and eBooks with annotations. (After I take the dawgs to the park, get some lunch, do some work on the novel, do some laundry. Yikes! Laundry! Argh.)

  • Writing a Novel with Scrivener: Author David Hewson uses Scrivener to write his best-selling novels. And he’s written a book to show you how he does it. (Well, he shows you about the using Scrivener part, if not the writing a best-seller part.) Check his author site and blog for more.
  • StoryFix: I have learned more about writing and structure in the last few weeks by using this site and the author’s books than I had learned in my entire life prior to discovering Larry Brooks. (I also took one of his webinars recently and it was well worth the time and $$.)
  • Holly Lisle: I love her novels, short stories, her blog, her wit, her writing guides. Her guides are moving from her web shop (which she is closing) to Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, etc. See her site for more details. (I took the plunge and signed up for Holly’s How To Think Sideways  and How To Write A Series courses before she closed them in their web form. I really like being able to do the course at my own pace.)
  • NaNoWriMo: 50,000 words in 30 days. The Big Daddy. The Real Deal. The Big Kahuna. The first 30 day noveling site (as far as I know). By using the tips at StoryFix, you might actually write a decent rough draft. A real one. Something you could craft into something you could get published.
  • StoryToolz: Progress meter, stats, and more. Free. Web-based.  Although the free version limits you to three meters, I still find it handy to plop a little code on the sidebars of my blogs, then make my daily word count entry on the StoryToolz site and have all the sidebars instantly update. Easy. Reliable (not exactly true with the NaNoWriMo meters). And you can use this outside of NNWM, too, which is another plus.

9 Responses to For Writers

  1. riatarded says:

    love your links! very helpful:) thanks!

  2. Ria says:

    No problem this is my first year doing nanowrimo and it’s a real help! You can check my blog out at if you like:) thanks!

    • Warrior Poet says:

      I’ll do that! NaNoWriMo has become one of my favorite times of the year. I look forward to every November now, and not just because of the admittedly powerful allure of stuffing my face with food on Thanksgiving Day. Although that is high on the list. 😉

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  4. I have found to be one of the most helpful websites ever when writing! I can then write online and I always have my story. Not to mention I can share said story with specific writerly friends with the easy of sending a link! It also keeps track of how many words you have on your story, and has a place for all your story notes/characters/places/ect

    • WP says:

      I’ve heard of that. Haven’t used it. My writing projects are in my Dropbox, and there I also have folders that sync with my iPhone and iPad, so I can write anytime anywhere & sync the new material or edits with my laptop later.

      Plus I use my phone’s voice memo app a lot while walking the dogs or driving so I can capture those otherwise fleeting ideas that always hit me when I can’t possibly write them down. 😉

      • I LIVE for it… I have tried dropbox… hate it, lol. Mostly I love yarny for the sharing ability and how it writes/reads.
        I also use my phone a ton, but my transformer prime more… I looove tablets!!! the versatility!! **grins** of course mine also has that nifty docking station so its like a little netbook.

        • WP says:

          Oh, I love tablets too. My iPad goes wherever I go. 🙂 I do have a bluetooth keyboard for it and also a solar-powered keyboard/case thingie for it. But I use the iPad mostly for reading or for making music or using the astronomy apps on it. My MacBook Air is so lightweight and it has my favorite writing app on it (Scrivener!) so I do almost all my writing on there. But it’s good to have the other options available. 🙂

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