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More covers for the novel, yes, I should be writing instead of playing with Photoshop

I edited the cover* I posted earlier, and made some other covers and one wallpaper so far for the current novel. (See image on the right and below.) The covers encourage me to keep going, cheering me on toward the … Continue reading

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Did it! 50,152 words and now the real work begins.

Did it! This was my 9th 30 day noveling experience, counting one WriDaNoJu last year and another one this past June, followed by the two back to back summer sessions of Camp NaNoWriMo. Made it over the finish line with … Continue reading

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About 3,000 more words to go to win this year’s NaNoWriMo

(The original title for this post was “Getting to 50K tomorrow not today” which I liked because it rhymed. But then I noticed the time and realized that tomorrow is already today.) I’ve written many thousands of words this week … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo: Only 11,130 more words to go!

Whew! Been writing off and on all day trying to get caught up and I’m almost there. If I write just 2,230 or so words a day, I’ll make it to 50k by the Wednesday night deadline of midnight. And … Continue reading

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Celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and not shopping at all

I went to a friend’s place for Thanksgiving and had a lovely afternoon with her, her boyfriend, and couple’s parents. Good smells, good food, good company, laughs, getting to know each other (the first time her parents had met his … Continue reading

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How I wasted an entire evening and locked myself out of my router too

It all began when I noticed that my internet connection seemed to be crawling at a snail’s pace. Actually, that’s not true. I’m reasonably sure that a snail could have slithered across a football field and back several times before … Continue reading

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I know I should be writing but I found more NaNoWriMo wallpapers

Yes, I know I have to write about two thousand more words on my novel before I go to sleep tonight because of my earlier frak up. And I will. (Uh, huh, will too. Eventually.) But first I have to … Continue reading

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How to keep track of your NaNoWriMo word count and more

I’ve been using a table within Scrivener to keep up with my daily word count, but it’s not a spreadsheet and I have to add everything up with a calculator and enter it in manually, which drains my brain and … Continue reading

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Great, I frakked up my progress meter

Grrr. I frakked up my progress meter’s word count by actually entering my total word count, which is how all my other meters have worked. But not the one at StoryToolz. There you only put in what you’ve done per … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo, Day Three, Later that same day…

I got my daily word count typed up, updated my numbers, took a break from criticizing my writing efforts and enjoyed a light snack of pita, hummus and red grapes while the dawgs woofed down their food. “Shouldn’t that be … Continue reading

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