Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 7

What a whirlwind! And I don’t mean just the weather last night and this morning. 😉 My head is spinning with all the new thoughts and images and insights I’ve been having about the story I’ve been trying to write for so long. And this is a good thing but it’s rather a lot of a good thing to have happen all at once. Today has left me feeling grateful but also very tired. Of course, lack of sleep has something to do with it. And I’m going to solve that problem now. Hopefully I’ll dream about the story and get something I can use in tomorrow’s writing sessions. Hope so!

Thanks for reading! Cheers to you and your own whatever-kind-of-adventure, too! 🙂

Word count goal for the month: 50K. Nightly: 1,667. Tonight: Slightly 2K. Total: Over 22K. Yay! And YES! 🙂


About WP

I'm training myself to write fiction. I gave up on training Abby Dawg a long time ago. What will I be posting here? Stuff, nonsense, nonsensical stuff and stuffy nonsense. And eventually some fiction. When I have something at the stage where I can share. :)
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One Response to Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 7

  1. winterbayne says:

    Awesome news, great progress. Glad the weather didn’t get you.

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