Smokin’! NaNoWriMo word count update is 35,269!

Blazing Keyboard!Woohoo! Congrats, everyone else who has broken 35k! I just hit 35,269 and it feels so good! And for those who are already at 75k: Who frelling asked ya?!

Just kidding. Heh. 😉 Alright, I’m going to go soak my fingers in some ice water. The blazing speed of my typing has nearly burned the skin off my hands. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. Skin’s still there, a little singed. That’s all.

Headed back in to write some more. Ciao! 🙂

About WP

I'm training myself to write fiction. I gave up on training Abby Dawg a long time ago. What will I be posting here? Stuff, nonsense, nonsensical stuff and stuffy nonsense. And eventually some fiction. When I have something at the stage where I can share. :)
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4 Responses to Smokin’! NaNoWriMo word count update is 35,269!

  1. solowytch says:

    Way to go! For once you’re not going to be giving me an ulcer on the last day of the month!

  2. congrats! I’m at 25k, and I felt like I was rocking this thing until I started hearing about people at 50k and 75k already. Oh well, I’m still pretty happy with the pace I’ve been maintaining!

    Happy writing and good luck on the rest of the month! I look forward to seeing some of your stuff if you post it!

    • WP says:

      Yo, Brantley, 25k is right on target so you ARE rockin’ this thang! Woohoo!

      Happy writing to you also and I thank you for the encouragement. I am aiming at publication at some point by some method. Here’s to all of us NaNo-ers: Cheers to us, every one! May we make it November 30 with at least a molecule of our minds intact. Onward to the finish line and beyond! 😀

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