NaNoWriMo Word Count Update, 25k

HALP! My imagination is faster than my hands can type!

HALP! My mind is racing faster than my hands can type!

NaNoWriMo is going well: Broke 25,000 moments ago! So excited! I’ve been trying to develop and write this story for over a year (how long has it been? one year? two?) but kept hitting brick walls. (“Ouch! That hurts,” she whined.) But this time things are starting to flow. This morning I had a flash (no, not a hot flash) and realized something that broke the story wide open. Broke it. In a good way. Crazy excited. Mind. Blown.

No Plot? No Problem! Kindle version is only $1.99And for the first time since I began doing NaNoWriMo back in the summer of 2005 (alone with the book) I’m really not stressing about word count or the story. I’m just writing.

Let that imagination off its tether and let it soar! Woohoo! Release the Kraken! Mwahahahahaaaaaaaa!

Ahem. Perhaps I should not finish this 12th cup of coffee… But I’m gonna anyway. 😉 Happy noveling or whatever you’re doing! Diving back into the story now. What a blast! 😀

About WP

I'm training myself to write fiction. I gave up on training Abby Dawg a long time ago. What will I be posting here? Stuff, nonsense, nonsensical stuff and stuffy nonsense. And eventually some fiction. When I have something at the stage where I can share. :)
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