Starting over was a marvelous decision

eurekaI’ve been getting closer and closer to getting it right, this thing I’m trying to write. Each draft, each NaNoWriMo session and the times I work on my own, I seem to discover a bit more of the puzzle. And a puzzle is just what it’s been. But when I started over a few days ago, I knew I was closer than ever before to really discovering the story.

And Monday it happened. I found it. Eureka, I yelled! (And I hope I yelled it in my mind and not out loud because I was sitting in a coffee shop at the time.) After typing so fast my fingers were burning and the keyboard was smoking (“Hey, babe, was it good for you?” Not that kind of smoking!), I stopped and stared at the screen. Yes, the words were there, the idea was there, I hadn’t imagined it.

Well, I had imagined it, that’s what writers do, but, I mean, I had actually typed up an idea for the story that could actually work. That had potential. That had enough potential to fill more than one book. Stand-alone books, mind you, though with an over-arching big picture story arc within which the stand-alone books would be the sub-arcs. That was what I wanted to do all along but I wasn’t finding the right stuff to make it work.

Until Monday at the coffee shop. Well, really, I found part of the idea during the drive to the coffee shop. I have to drive down this long two-lane twisting narrow road through beautiful countryside with pastures on both sides of the road, horses galore (I love horses!). And I often have good insights while enjoying the sights on that road. So I use the voice memo thingy on my phone to capture those insights so I won’t lose them and then I type them up during the writing session while I drink my favorite coffee. And that’s what happened on Monday. I got this marvelous idea and recorded it and then I could hardly wait to type it up a few minutes later at the shop.

Nope, I can’t say any more about it now. Not until I’m closer to the publishing stage. Got a way to go before I get there. And words to type before I sleep. And words to type before I sleep.

About WP

I'm training myself to write fiction. I gave up on training Abby Dawg a long time ago. What will I be posting here? Stuff, nonsense, nonsensical stuff and stuffy nonsense. And eventually some fiction. When I have something at the stage where I can share. :)
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5 Responses to Starting over was a marvelous decision

  1. solowytch says:

    Way to go! Sounds like you have a series in the making! (Welcome to my world…)

    • WP says:

      Yeah, sort of a series, telling an overall story in the story world. But I want to write each novel as a standalone so anyone can start reading anywhere they happen to start without having to scrounge around for the earlier books…

      I’m a wee bit optimistic about publishing and readership, huh? 😉

      How is your writing going? 🙂

      • solowytch says:

        It’s going, but I won’t say where. I’m poised on the brink of the climax and sort of dragging my feet. Not because I’m sorry to see the end of the novel, but because it’s a couple scenes that involve a lot of people and a major battle, and, well… it’s intimidating.

        And I hate writing fight scenes.

        • WP says:

          I. Love. Fight. Scenes. Watching them, reading them, imagining them, writing them. I laugh maniacally and get a mad gleam in my eyes.

          And my dogs shake their heads, roll their eyes and leave me to myself for the duration. Especially Abby. She says her fight scenes are better than mine any day. Cuz her heroes don’t even need weapons or super powers cuz they ARE weapons and they’ve got canine/wolf clan power.


          Hey, that’s what she said, I’m just quoting her. Ahem… 😉

  2. Happy Monday! I nominated you for a Sunshine award today. 🙂
    The “rules” are here:

    p.s. love the Frost reference 😉

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