NaNoWriMo SIP (Synopsis In Progress)

fortuneandfame_nano2011a_230x300I’m working away on my plan for the upcoming session of NaNoWriMo. Yes, I’ve been working on this story for a few months. And, yes, I’m starting over with it. Using writing tips from StoryFix, I’ve got part of the (new) Big Picture outlined. Learning how to structure the story. Reminding myself of all the things I wanted to weave into it. 

Here’s the synopsis…so far. About the gazillionth version, actually. It’s a Synopsis In Progress. But at least I am making progress, so that’s sumpin.

Synopsis (Revised Shorter Version)

A warrior wannabe struggles to fulfill her dream, and to bring two very different worlds together before they tear each other apart…before a dark power engulfs them all and destroys their world.

About WP

I'm training myself to write fiction. I gave up on training Abby Dawg a long time ago. What will I be posting here? Stuff, nonsense, nonsensical stuff and stuffy nonsense. And eventually some fiction. When I have something at the stage where I can share. :)
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